Ah The Weekend

How are you doing? I think I caught my flare in time. Hopefully I just over indulged and now that I have my senses back I won’t spiral.

Its so scary!

Ok this is a mish mash post.

First if all, it rained today yay! But boo too because I dropped my kid at golf course and by the 11th hole I picked her up! She gets to shoot 18 holes now at her home course for $8.00😄

While she was there I came home and enjoyed this:


And this! I read the whole thing! I could not put it down!


Have you read it? So well done! You will think you are a rocket scientist by the time you are finished! A must read.

Then I made this:


Home made cocoa with almond milk, cocoa powder, vanilla and stevia. Not as good as the other, but more friendly for me. I think I didn’t add enough Cocoa. But it is good!


I have trouble sleeping sometimes. Ahem… Most of the time so tonight I thought I would try this:


And start a new book. Any suggestions? Is the Goldfinch good?

Talk soon! Avoid the holiday drama k?


4 thoughts on “Ah The Weekend

  1. the Goldfinch is excellent. Quite an intriguing story. Right now I’ve just finished the Kurt Wallander series by Henning Mankel. they take place in Sweden. I have loved them. they are filled with lots of visuals of Sweden plus the character of Kurt Wallander is so well done.

    • Great! The Goldfinch it is! I will look for the series sometime. A buddy from work loads me up with bestsellers in my dropbox, so I have a few to pick through! Have a wonderful weekend Tahoe Girl

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