Bovary & Eyre

Hello!  Happy Christmas eve, eve!

I’m ready… for it to be over.  I can’t wait to take down the tree and move on.  I sound like a scrooge, but I’m not.  I just have a dry tree and a small condo!  It’s always nice to get my space back to “normal” after the glitz of the holiday.

This last week I have been entertaining myself by watching movies on my iPad.  Gotta love Netflix, that is.. when it doesn’t buffer at the best part! Winking smile

Anyway… I love the timeless classics.  For some reason I chose to re-watch a couple that I have seen/read before.  I haven’t seen these particular remakes and I have to tell you… I LOVED them both!

First I watched Madame Bovary .


When I was a kid my mom had the paperback and told me how it was banned in most countries and because of that, I had to read it.  I did.  I just didn’t get it.  Now I get it.


It’s a must see.  It really is a good movie.  Madame Bovary reminds me of so many women I know today.  (just sayin)


Then I watched Jane Eyre.




This is such a lovely movie.  So well played.


I loved it just as much as Madame Bovary. These movies start out strangely the same.  A woman in the early 19th century frantically running away from something, or someone.  There is deeper meaning in both these scenes.  However, they the stories could not be more different. I am not even going to try to review them for you.  You just have to watch them!

If you have a chance and you like the classics, these are two really good movies to cozy up to.  I just might have to re-read them now.

Hope you have a great day!



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