Low Key Perfection

From the moment I woke up until I went to sleep, I felt like it was the perfect low stress Christmas!

I made a breakfast casserole, my second year in a row. I made this last Christmas for my family in Oregon.


Its becoming a Christmas morning tradition.


My kid opened her presents, shortly after that her dad came over, then his older daughter and her fiancé popped by for drinks and chips and dip. That was spur of the moment, they brought their own vodka!

Then later we sat down to our very nontraditional meal.

I set the table, even though!


We had homemade rolls from my sister in law from Portland, wine from Secret Santa party at work, and I made a to die for turkey soup from our Thanksgiving turkey.


It was low key perfection. No drama! My kind of Christmas!

Hope you had a stress free day as well!



2 thoughts on “Low Key Perfection

    • Nice! I bought that setting last year at a thrift store! I didnt get sold over the summer at the garage sale so I guess its keeper.

      I imagine buying little pieces to add to it as I continue to thrift!

      Gotta set a table and make the people in your life feel special! Xoxo

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