Pinterest Pics–Gardening

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of food and holiday.  I know!  The season isn’t over yet, but I am sure over the season.

I haven’t done a Pinterest Post in so, so long and because I am over the season, I chose gardening as a topic to choose my pics from.

So lets go dig in the dirt and smell the flowers!

(Please click on the image to be taken to the original site.)

First of all, check this out.  Rocks! I love, love the one in the middle.  I cannot even wait to move to my forever house when I retire and have a yard to actually play in the dirt.


Hey, how they do that?


Check out these ideas for small yards.  Look how much awesomeness they worked into that space.


I can’t wait to grow these beauties.


And I plan on lots and lots of rhododendrons.


They come in every color.  So pretty.  I remember they are sticky though.  We had them when I was a kid.

This is breathtaking.


Can you imagine the whimsy and fun that would inspire?  What a way to start or end your day.

Isn’t this a cool idea?


Great idea to turn old stumps into art.  I love the old weathered log.


Well, that’s a good start to your garden.

I am up early.  Woke up about 4:30, made my coffee and am just kind of waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.  My kid has a tournament today, before it starts a Pro Golfer is giving a lecture about college golf that she is going to sit in on.

This is just a one day tournament, so that is good.

I’m not staying for the tourney and its very close to home,  so I scheduled Time Warner to come out and fix her TV, since the cable has not worked in her room since I downgraded our boxes.

Probably going to make a spaghetti sauce and then just putz around the condo.  I cannot and will not spend any money until I have to, and hopefully I can get by with groceries on hand and whatever I can buy at the 99 cent store.

2016 is the NO SPEND year.  I am reeling it it, BIG TIME!  Even more if you can believe it.

Have a great day and I will catch up soon.



6 thoughts on “Pinterest Pics–Gardening

  1. I’m planning on the low/no spend challenge January. At least it’s in my plans. Things come up but I will try. I’m working on our financial goals for 2016. Our mortgage actually increased since we finished the modification. Ugh…. so now the % went to 4.25 and that raised the $ amount. So, budgeting, no spend etc really needs to happen. My husband did get a great bonus(relative as long as it’s something) so I put a little in savings and paid off that last medical bill.

    • Getting the med bill paid must feel so good!

      Today I Am spending a gift card at Nacys but on the whole this will be a very challenging year for me so I need to spend very little!!!!

      Good luck! We got this!

      Happy New year!

  2. Goodness, showing those pictures to someone who lives at 800 metres above sea level is just mean! Although that being said we have only had 1 day of snow this year, which is REALLY bad for the local ski resorts. For me, I am just grateful I can get to work without slithering into town on a snow covered road. But we have had glorious sunshine too, it is so weird. As for the WW recipe thanks so much. I have signed up to go to WW in January as I am tired or not seeing my feet (amongst other things). Well, I don’t actually care about seeing my feet but really need to get my act together with losing some weight. Here’s hoping. In the meantime, cheers to you and good wishes for 2016. Anna

    • All the best to you too Swissie! I just found out today that Oprah bought Weightwatchers! I wonder what changes she will make! Its a great way to go!

      Happy New Year! Xoxo

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