Next Year!

Hello!  My resolution was not to use so many exclamation points in my blog. FAIL!

Oh well, isn’t that what resolutions are all about?  I am not really making any resolutions this year.  I just want this year to be better than last year.  To be honest, it all ready is.  (Exclamation point removed.)

It’s already better because this is the last Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I will spend in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

This is the last tax refund / return that I have to send to the Trustee.  That is huge.  Its so stressful come tax  season to either have to pay taxes because I miscalculated or to have to send her that extra money. This is the last year I have to worry about the trustee.

Next year I will be done.  October 2017.  When I started this journey in 2012 it seemed like decades away.  I actually considered BK in 2007/2008 so its actually been apart of my daily life and worry cycle for a decade.

I am so glad to say that next year, it will be a done deal and I can move on.

I can only image what it will feel like next year!


I am finally there.  The end really is in site.

Its still a very long way to go.  I have many hurdles to jump until I get to the end.  This year with my kid getting a car poses the biggest threat to my stability, yet it also will be a huge help.  My car is dying so her new car will be our transportation when my car finally dies.

There are many other things that can go wrong, but there are also things that can go right and I am going to concentrate on those things.

There is one thing I think I would like to try to do this year.  I would like to try to appreciate my job and my condo more.  I need to be more in the moment.   I need to appreciate Southern California too.  Who knows, I might really hate the weather back in the Pacific Northwest.  (I doubt it, but I might).  So I am going to try to love my life as it is now.  I need to stop wishing it away! (Exclamation point remains on purpose).

Well, I better get into my day.  My kid wants to go to the gym.  Yay!

Happy New Year my friends!




6 thoughts on “Next Year!

  1. You are getting there! I remember reading when you were in the filing stages and waiting for it to happen. Living in the now is something I am trying to do more of too. Just trying to enjoy my home and the things I do have around me (even though I’m wishing for different!). Happy New Year 🙂

    • Hi Onefam, you were my very first commenter and I still remember the relief and gratitude I had from knowing that someone out there was reading me. I see on your blog you are getting ready to move! You must be so excited and I look forword to those posts. But yes, trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the positive experiences is something I would like to do. Xoxo

  2. You’ve some so far, and are almost on the home stretch now–congratulations. Are exclamation points bad? I think that I may use a lot of them. 🙂

  3. Its nice to have something positive to focus on….having the end so close. I am excited for you. You mentioned the daily life/worry cycle begin a part of your life for so long…that probably will be a nice change in 2018. As you know the daily life/worry cycle is what I am currently on and most days I have to try really hard to focus on enjoying the moment.

    • Hi Katie! So close yet so far! Try to keep yourself busy busy busy. I went so far as to become a member of our HOA for a couple of years and that took up a lot of time. I might have to get back on that board soon. I wish I could say the stress and the worry end but they really don’t. You just have to find a way to cope, sometimes you can other times you will melt down. I had insomnia last night and yep, the next couple of years looked impossible in the dead of the night. But today, I woke up and am having my coffee with you guys and will do what I can today to stay busy, frugal and positive. Once you file you just have to make it work. You will your groove. Go look up the NDC SITE. You can follow your progress there if the trustee uses it. All the best Katie!! Start a blog!

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