No More Messing Around

I pulled my bootstraps up this morning as the old saying goes.  I put on my big girl britches while I was at it.

Budgets are so hard for me because I get so dang confused.  I know.  I must be a moron.  Like what is so hard?  Here is your income, here are your expenses.  That’s it. But trust me, its hard.  Look where I got myself financially, its pretty obvious I have a toxic relationship with money and budgets right?

I have gotten better.  How many people can make it with a $500.00 credit limit these days? (Just trying to make myself feel better here.)

I was going to try to use YNAB and I did for a second, but I am not going to pay for a budget.  Not happening.  That is insane. It’s like buying garage sale signs for $5.00 to sell crap for .25 cents.  Some things just don’t make sense to me.  I know, I’m weird

Moving on.

This morning I sat down at my desk to accomplish two things.


First to look at what I have in place to do 2015 taxes.  That was a big fat nothing.  I don’t have any of the forms from interest or work, so that can just wait. Kind of glad.

Second I needed to find a budget that I can actually do.


(Notice my loyal baby, Gracie behind my computer.  I have to shake off the tablecloth before I can even get started, she has claimed my desk as her “basking space.”  I really don’t mind sharing except for the cat hair.)

I dug around and finally found a very old budget that I used to use. It was hidden in Gmail from 2011.  I saved it on my desktop and entered the current numbers and budget.

It’s not a pretty site.  Before my next check in two weeks, I am already $2500 in the hole.  Okay, don’t worry, its on paper and I did it that way to ensure that in a month or so I want to be one month ahead of the game.

This is it.  NO more messing around.  I also printed a spending tracking sheet I found online.  There are millions available for free.


And I am already half way into January’s food budget!  OMGosh, how did that happen?   Because I’m a total moron when it comes to budget and everything that could hit me in the  last few months did.  Flooring, car repair, Christmas, etc.  The list has been endless.

It’s been a tough year.  I ain’t lying.  I’ve been spending a little more than I should.  I mean, I can’t spend too much obviously, because I don’t have much, but I can and will do a lot better.

This is the year that I get one month ahead of my bills.  I should have a little in the bank at the end of the year in case my taxes kill me.  OMG, what if I owe again 2015  OMGosh!!!!  UGh!!!!!! Thank God 2016 is the last year to worry about that drama.

I wrote something down that resonated with me.  I don’t know where I read it, but here it is.

“Money should never be the problem, only the solution.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I am off to clean my condo. Today is a no spend day and it should remain that way until the end of the week.

What are your plans this year?  How do you handle a budget?  Are you good at it?



6 thoughts on “No More Messing Around

  1. Debt girl, debt girl…a savvy computer gal like yourself should have an easy budget to follow.
    I have a very strict budget that I follow. I know all the bills that will come in (or will come in, eg., property taxes twice a year) and I have a set amount that we pay every month for food and gas. If gas is by chance lower, I actually allow us a little spending money, eg, instead of spending $30/week, I only spend $20.00 (even though the budget will always show $30) If the electric/gas bill fluctuates I can use that money too, as I have it set at a high amount every month (and not allowed to change it). We always know what is coming in pay wise and what the expected expenses are. We have a little contingency fund for true emergencies but they have to be true emergencies. We have cut out all unnecessary expenses and have changed our life so that the things we do enjoy doing don’t cost anything. To truly make this plan work, we had to give 110 percent…there are no sacred cows and there are no exceptions. When this is done we will be in a good place Do we feel guilty sometimes about not being able to do what we like or can’t spoil others..yes, for about 10 seconds because we know we want out of what created the problem we got ourselves into (overuse of credit cards). As for a $500 limit, we don’t have one. There is no credit for us..we learned our lesson well. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. In the long run everyone wins. The fact is if you aren’t prepared to fully change, you’ll struggle through the end.

      • I have started using the envelope system for spending for food, clothing, and miscellaneous (fun money/entertainment). This seems to keep me on track better for these areas then using my debit card. I would insert my spreadsheet but can’t figure out how to insert. I am trying really hard not to touch any money that has been set aside for another purpose as the will cause problems down the road for sure. Also, trying not to spend money that doesn’t need to be spent as to maybe has a tiny cushion.

        I still believe the monthly budget is a problem for a chapter 13 as they average your income over six month. Wonderful…I don’t get that money every month. It make a big difference in my budget using actual numbers versus the average.

        They decided that I still belong in a chapter 13 with my first payment on the 1st of February. Let the fun begin. But we are still discussing the money payment. I am holding tight on what I believe i can live with. Not sure what going to happen if we don’t agree.

  2. Katie the envelope system is great. I can email you my spread sheet if you want it! I would love to see your template if you want to email it.

    Check out Vespa’s suggestion too.

    Just remember, bk 13 is not supposed to be punitive, its not a cake walk but you should be able to afford some entertainment at reasonable cost!

    Best of luck on the payment plan. Remember a judge has to agree that the trustee is being fair and it is livable!

    Not everyone has the expenses i have let creep into my life because of my kids sport. Also most people get to keep their tax refunds and that helps them.

    You are off to a good start!


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