Touching Base!

Hi there! How’s it going? Its been a long week and I am glad its my Friday.

Yesterday I broke my “no spend days” to pick up a few things at the market, get some gas money as well as coffee money for a meeting I am having with an old girlfriend on Saturday.

Then last night I went on my pc to update my awesome new budget and it was gone! Disappeared, into byte gulch!


Two hours of work gone! Yep, I’m in IT, it happens. Nice.

Tomorrow have tons of errands, none of which should cost me! Hope to have some time to make a breakfast casserole as well.

Oh wait I do need to go to Dollar Tree. Hope they have what I need…More on that later! Crossed fingers.

Hope all is well with you and may your budgets be backed up and safe!



2 thoughts on “Touching Base!

    • Hi Katie, after getting my new budget back up and running I think it will be a no spend day!

      Word of advice, don’t slack on a budget! I would be way better off if I hadnt!!

      It ok I got this, but just sayin!


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