Washington or Oregon


I went to Triple A and picked up some maps of Washington state. I need to start looking at communities along the Columbia river on the Washington side. Its a little intimidating because I don’t know it as well as Oregon.

In other news, Gracie and I spent some quality time at my desk yesterday!


I was able to draft my story and I am so pleased! That is the hard part! Now I know that if one sentence I wrote actually works it will be a miracle, but its out there!!!!!

Did you play Powerball?


Yea, not a winner!

Had a no spend day yesterday and should be no spend all week, unless I take Gracie to vet! ;/(

Kid had a great tourney 86 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday! Woo hoo!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Washington or Oregon

  1. Visual reminders of what you’re working for is a good idea. When work gets you down you can escape into the tranquility of Washington/Oregon. Man, that Gracie girl is a cutie!!! Have a good week, Debt Girl.

    • Ain’t she sweet! She seems to be struggling a bit so I put some olive oil in her food, both kitties ate some. See if that helps her! We adore both our babies!

      I am looking at prop in Washington now, its getting so hard to focus on anything else. ;-$

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