Making a Murderer

Did you watch this?


I swear I did not think I would get sucked into the drama and I am actually a little judgmental! I mean, I just don’t know what to make of the family!

I vacillate between pity and disgust all wrapped in curiosity!


I know that his attys. fascinate me! The whole thing fascinates me!

His parents fascinate me!


The way they talk fascinates me!

Their phone conversation:




Just a very strange dialect too! Fascinating!

I am down to that last couple of episodes. Please don’t tell me what happens!

My gosh, you have to see this!




7 thoughts on “Making a Murderer

  1. I got sucked into that as well. I am very pro police/ pro court system. With my WASPy life, the system works for me, but this series had really made me stop and think. I hate that justice isn’t the same for each socio-economic status and each race. Glad Kathleen Zellner is on the case. I live in Columbia, MO and she got Ryan Ferguson freed.

    • That is the scary part! It just feels like these people are / were disposable.

      I felt so badly for the mom. The dad seems to be a hard worker. Someone had a brain because they put that salvage business together?!

      I don’t trust those cops though. I don’t trust the family either!

      I only really trusted his two lawyers. They seem educated and sincere. Whether they were right or not about his innocence.

      What a story! One more episode.

      Whew Exhausting! ☺️

      • I’m definitely still on the fence about the whole thing. I think there are enough questions that there should be new trials. I really hate what happened to the 16 year old. Geez, I’m a teacher and can just see some of my pleaser type kids who would fall right into trying to say the “right” thing. I could never figure out how in the heck you could confess to something you didn’t do, but I think it is fairly common, especially if your IQ is 70!!!!!!

        I just watched a 1 hour show on FOX regarding if he was framed or not. Not my favorite network by any means, but it was interesting nonetheless.

        This whole thing makes me feel so, so badly for Teresa H’s family. Ughhh, they deserve to have some measure of peace. It also makes me wish I would have gone to law school and become a public defender.

  2. Kim, that poor girl and her poor mom! I wondered if they could release her remains so they can have closure!

    I am so baffled, nothing makes sense!

    I think a public defender has one of the hardest jobs on the world. Law enforcement is not something I could do! I would try to save everyone and prob get hurt in the process! 😉

  3. Well, I finished watching all episodes. Very very disturbing. It’s a little late to hope it works out for the young kid, but I do hope for some peace for both the families in this. I hate this stuff! 😦

    • There is something creepy about that whole thing! I mean, there was a fire and her remains were in the pit!

      That kind of solidified it for me.

      I was wonder if anyone is capable of the truth?
      And he is still at it! He has a new girlfriend too!!!!

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