Great BK Forum Community

Hi there!

I just have to share this site with you! It seems like I am getting a lot of readers that are actual people that are filing or have filed!

I am sorry for your situation, but this can be done!

It’s a tool and for me, if it works, it will be the best decision I ever made!

But a lot can happen between now and 10/2017!

In order to get thru this,  I created this blog! I hope to be a help to others in the process.

There were no blogs like mine when I started and still no active ones that I know of! So I hope its nice for you to follow me here.

Boy I make some doozie mistakes! This is real life, and I am far from perfect! I am no expert, but learn something new every day.  And I just make it through each day, paycheck to paycheck the best I can.

I can always go to WWW.BKFORUM.COM for support and guidance!


You can just read through the stickies or post a question!


Someone, including me, will answer if we know the answer!

It’s worth its weight in gold!  We are not alone.  I hope that this community will help you as much as it has helped me and when you reach your successful discharge, you will get the hamster dance too!  (If you stick around the community long enough, you will find out what that means!)

See you there!



5 thoughts on “Great BK Forum Community

  1. I checked out the web site. It looks great. I haven’t been able to register after many attempts. I have emailed per the links provided but I don’t think the links are working. Found a posting that talked about the users have dropping off. I can see why. It would have been a great community to join. Wish they have a phone number to call.

    • Oh thats not good! I will post that people are having problems signing up! Maybe that will help.

      I think you can still read the threads hopefully!

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