No Spend Days

How are you doing? Are you apart of the “lets see how many days I can make it without spending any money” crowd?

I spent $2.00 on Monday at work for Powerball but that is all I have spent since Sunday! So 4 days so far and counting. Yay!!!

I love my budget! I was thinking this morning had I been really strict the last three years I would be in such better shape. But whatayagonnado?

I really think that kind of thinking is a waste of time though don’t you?

We learn and we move forward!

Not to mention that honestly, I do believe in Frugal Fatigue! I get it!
But I don’t have it now! 👍 I had it though!

Today no spend, all food from home and that is a good thing!

One day at a time!

Check out this pic my kid took this morning on the way to school! This is a rare site in So Cal!


Almost the weekend, hang in there! We got this!



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