TGIF & 3 Days Off

Hello hello! This Friday could not get here soon enough, I am exhausted.

Because of the holiday we get Monday off and I could not be more grateful.

I hope you get it off as well. If so, do you have any FUN plans? I will tell you right now, no surprise here, I have no FUN plans. I still look forward to being home, I find that fun! Sort of, minus the laundry, cleaning, ironing and cooking!

I hope to find some time to write but that always gets a “pin put in it.” 😄

I do have a couple things I would like to cook. I think I have all the ingredients. At least for my version of this:


I won’t follow any recipe and the peppers I have are the tiny ones, so it will be interesting. I remember when my mom made stuff for all 9 of us kids (and our friends) she could throw something together without a recipe. We all ate it up! Then ask, “what was that!” So I will try to make something up. Very scary

If you have any suggestions about a good method, I am all ears!

This recipe looks good too!


But that will be for another time.

Other than that, I am doing well on the budget, a little over on food, but way lower than if I had not been paying attention.

Today may not be a no spend as we need milk and muffins. I might get a mix, but we know how awful my oven is for baking! That just might prove too stressful and time consuming!

Whatever you are doing today I hope you enjoy yourself!

Stay safe and warm!



4 thoughts on “TGIF & 3 Days Off

  1. High temp for Sunday here is forecast at -4 and low of -10. Oxbone soup will be in the crockpot and I will be either cleaning or crocheting. Gotta love MN in January!

    • That is so so so cold!!! You sound like you have the perfect plan Vesta!

      Warm and cozy under yarn and hearty soup in the pot, it doesn’t get any better’n that!

      Hey is it Ox Tail? My nieghbor used to make those in a peanut sauce, to die for🌸

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