It’s a Thursday – Friday


First of all can you believe the differences in the price of gas across the states?

I can’t believe it! Just really weird!

I am so glad today is my Friday! I am so over this place today!

For my three day weekend I don’t really have any plans! Just keeping the spending low!

I might try to make this:


It looks cheap and easy!

Then I am going to try to do this:


I didn’t last weekend because I cleaned my kids room and did her laundry!

Yes I do that once in awhile, like finals week because between studying and golf, she is busy!

So nothing wonderful or nonwonderful to report today!

Just one day at a time.

Hope all is well with you!



2 thoughts on “It’s a Thursday – Friday

  1. I agree- It’s absolutely incredible how low gas prices are. It’s down to 159.9 here; and with a reward card discount from the supermarket, I paid less than a dollar a gallon the last time I bought gas.

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