Weekend Stuff

Hi you!  How is your weekend going?  Mine has been pretty good except for the money part! Winking smile   Ain’t that the way?

Went to the grocery store and naturally spent too much.  I think I was really low on groceries because its like I really had to play catch up this month on food.  Next month might prove to be light because I stocked up my freezer and pantry this month.  Hoping.

I couldn’t pass up this deal. NO WAY!


Boneless, skinless thighs.  My favorite kind and the price is too good to pass up.  I bought two packs!


My freezer has ground turkey, some pork and some chicken now.  Yay!  All under $2.00 a pound.

I made the curry yesterday that I posted about.  It is awesome.  I like the recipe because there is actually a video to watch and it really is fast and easy.  Check it out.


This is going in my round up!


So yummy!


(Look how messy that plate is!  I am definitely not a flashy food blogger!)

We had some for lunch today and even my kid likes it.  That is always a plus.

Last night I went down to my neighbor ladies for cocktail hour. She invites me on Friday nights sometimes and we just shoot the breeze.


She always offers little tidbits to eat and her drinks are always way too strong so by they time I have one or two, the party is over!

She is wonderful.  85 years young.  She tap dances, paints, takes French and goes to Zumba 3 times a week. Oh… I sure hope that I am healthy enough to be like her.  What an inspiration!

I invited her to go with me to the Friends of the Library this morning.  You know how much I love  it.  She went and she fell in love.  She said I opened up a whole new world for her. Sweet.

I bought these books to add to my Writing Library.


I also bought two pictures.  $3.50 a piece and will fit perfectly into a spot in my living room.  Totally not need based by, but for $7.00!  Wait until you see them! I can’t wait to hang them.  She bought a glass cut vase, you just never know what this book store might offer.

Now for the bad news.  You are not going to believe this.

My condo is 920 square feet.  Its tiny by any standard.  But the electric bill is anything but tiny!  For one month…


Hello!  I about died.  It’s more than some people in this country pay for rent!  I love California but it is for reasons like this that it is pushing me out!   I get that electricity is expensive but for the size of this place, its ridiculous.

No wonder I find myself living in a BK.

I hope you have found something fun to do this weekend!    Keep those lights off!



28 thoughts on “Weekend Stuff

  1. Your neighbor sounds awesome!!! $308 for utilities sounds crazy. Are you on budget billing where it is the same all 12 months?

    • Hi Kimc, I have considered that but I am afraid that they will turn off my air when I actually need it, but after this I am going to call!

      This is horrible for my budget!

      • Sounds like you are talking about load management. I do that in the summer. They put some meter thing on my AC unit so all customers don’t have AC going on at the exact same time. Your house still stays at the temp you set. It is cheaper for the city and I receive a 3% credit. It’s never been an inconvenience at all and it can be 100 degrees in the summer with very high humidity.

        Budget billing is where they know my usage and split it evenly over 12 months. In the Midwest utilities/gas usage swings wildly. If the estimate is off they have a settle up month. They are surprisingly accurate. You may be more temperate in southern Cal so it could be a moot point. It does make budgeting much easier.

        I’m still digging the Happy Hour with the 85 year old.

  2. Debt girl,
    Hi! Why do I always want to eat after I read your post :). that was a great deal on chicken you got.
    I love the library too…I’m glad you’re friend enjoyed it too.
    $308 for 1 month??? That’s horrible. I have a 2200 3 story townhome and I get upset when it
    hits $130 (in the winter). You need to get out of California. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  3. Our electric bill for December was insane. It was over $400. We use convection heaters and they cost. I really hate to be cold and this was during that really cold spell here in N.ca. We pay with a balanced payment program , so its averaged for the year , monthly. I always pay more in the summer when our Electric is low, so then this time of year theres a credit or at least it helps balance ridiculously high payment… Everything is more and I’m worried. Our second which has been only 1% will jump to over %4, because the modification we were in is over. Honestly, I’m not sure we can stay here going into retirement. There just won’t be enough money for bills.

  4. I just discovered your website from your post on pioneer woman and have been reading your posts for the last 30 minutes. Lots of great ideas. Five years ago was a tough time for me and while I was fortunate to not have to file, I had considered it. So I started on my own path to being debt free which I’m still working on. Will be checking back for more ideas. Thank you for sharing your story and tips.

    • Thats great Terri! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know.

      I tried so hard to do it on my own and it really was insurmountable.

      You should (better be!) proud of yoursrlf for mananging without filing! I wish I could have.

      Please feek free to leave some of your tips. I have some readers that are in the consideration stage.

      Have a wonderful Sunday and hopefully you are not snowed in!


      • Not snowed in thank goodness!! My biggest tip for anyone who is having financial trouble is to stay away from payday loan stores! It was one of my biggest mistakes. I got a second job, which turned out to be something I really enjoy and I’m still there. That and cutting out things from my budget that I thought I couldn’t be without. I told myself I would try and if I really missed it, I could always get it back. One example was cable TV. I tried to get them to reduce my rate but was told no. So I cut the cable cord and brought all the boxes back to their store. It was hard at first, but you can still get local programming with a small antenna. That was five years ago and I have no plans on going back. I have Internet only and that’s enough. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. Wow! That has to be a killer on the budget. I am with the previous comments on finding out about the level pay. In our situation we need stability in our budget, or at least as much as we can get. But things change over five years and thats the hard part. I can see I am going to struggle with the cost of food. In my area there isn’t much in discount groceries and it doesn’t help my kid eats non stop. Gotta love growing boys!

    • Hi Katie, I am checking into that on Monday! Uncle!!!

      Hey go to my stretching page and read about cherry picking using the ads from local markets!

      Never pay more than $2.00 a pound for meat, my golden rule. 😎

      Its the only way to go! I have a teen girl, I can only imagine how hard it is to feed teen boys!

    • Shona its so natural to be scared, its huge deal.

      Some tips: make sure you have a good lawyer that will help you get the lowest poss payment.

      Get a new car now, before you file, I Should have. Everyone does it.

      Stop making payments on unsecured.

      Go to http://www.bkforum.com and ask lots of questions.

      Then just breath. Most people have a huge sigh of relief once confirmed.

      If you cant pay your debts back in five years on your own then this is probably a good idea.

      Good luck and make sure you do your homework! Remember this is a law put in place to help you, not punish you!!!

      Xoxo big hugs!

      • @Terri those payday loans are so expensive!!!

        I did the same thing recently with my cable and I wish I had done it sooner!

        I got rid of land line too but should have done that sooner too.

        Now getting my elect. On a budget is my next step, I think I will prob wish I did that sooner too!

        Every little bit helps!


      • Thanks for tips. I’ve been following BKforum however cannot get verification email so I cannot comment or ask questions (frustrating). So I am kind of stuck! Big time stuck on posting questions. I did gather from there to really pick your lawyers. I think our case is complicated by a second home (it was a first home but trying to do the rigth thing in 2009 we rented it after a double layoff and relocation to TX) . We cannot keep up with maintenance, we now have horrible tenants. Its a big huge emotional piece of “ugh” for me. The horror stories of banks taking forever to foreclose adds an added worry wrinkle for me.

        Even without the house we still would need chapter 13, we’ve been keeping the maintenance afloat on credit and it has not recouped enough in market value to sell for any profit (and likely a short sale).

        My concern about unsecured, If we do not file until July is now too soon to stop paying. I was going to stop in April…at least that was the plan.

        First lawyer appt today.
        Second tomorrow.

  6. @smg

    First Pls know that I am not a lawyer and not even all that smart, so please see a few lawyers and yes ask this question first! Its a good question.

    Here is my experience about not making payments.

    I wanted to make a couple of payments before I filed and my atty told me NO BECAUSE IT WILL LOOK LIKE YOU ARE BEING SELECTIVE OF WHO YOU PAY AND ITS NOT FAIR!

    He told me not to pay anybody but my mortgage and HOA for at least 6 months, then he said we will file. I paid utilities and phone too.

    Now I dont know what would be best for u so please ask your atty then let us know!

    July is six months right?

    See if the email from forum is in your spam?

    I wish you all the best. Ask of you have to hand over tax refund, if you do just know it sucks!!! I can never make my taxes come out even.


    • Ha! It was more a rhetorical question. I did read a similiar justification as what you described. I’m petrified of the phone calls! But not paying for six months will create a nice little nest egg.

      I check my spam daily ( and ask for new activation daily). I’ve been trying for weeks. I sure hope they get it fixed. It looks like a great resource and support.

      I did not like the lawyer we met with today. I felt like I knew more after months of researching. She was vague and almost unsure of herself. The next one is a referral from a friend who filed chap 13.

      Oh..I’m an expert at balancing our taxes!

  7. Have you had the trustee review your budget since you started this journey? I finally received my notice of “meeting of creditor” and “confirmation hearing” The plan reflects the payment schedule i wanted. Making the first payment in February..oh yeah! I just wonder if I am going to keep on battling the trustee on what I should be paying. Have you received any pay increases? If so, did your trustee take all, part or none of it?

      • My employer hasn’t done much in the pay raise either. I am thankful as I don’t need to purchase health care thru work…long story. That helps out greatly as the premiums go up yearly but there isn’t much in a pay raise to cover the cost. My co-workers
        say they getting less each year as premiums go up.

        I giving up my tax returns in exchange for the lower payment. Also, didn’t want to deal with owing the feds/state $$s. I remember reading one of your post and I had wording written as net. So if for some reason I land up owning one agencies and but getting a refund from the other, I turn over the difference. its a gamble but for my sanity i am figure it was worth it.

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