Case of the Mondays

Have you ever watched Office Space?

Its a really fun classic, a must see!


I love the part when they beat up a printer!


Being in IT for 20 years, I can relate!

I just haven’t felt great lately and I think my meds are causing kidney issues! But I will not borrow that drama until I know for sure. Gah!

It was so hard getting to work today but I made it! Everyday I can I am grateful!

Two more years and the BK will be done and it will be one less stress factor! I cant wait!

In other news, yesterday was a no spend, stay home, writing productive day!

As you can see, I had to fight Gracie for my desk all day long!


I finally banished her to the bed!


Then later I had to share that too!


Better get into it, earn my peanuts!

Have a great day all! Last week in January! Already! Yay!



7 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays

  1. Her coloring complements the bedding nicely. Cracks me up when cats sleep with their tongues out. Sorry to only give attention to Gracie, but I’m a sucker for pets. We survived Monday:). Hope your symptoms go away, or at least stay manageable!

  2. Hi Trapper! No Spend challenges are all over the place, you can google it! I havent actually Joined one but I go as many days as I can! I actually ended up spending yesterday a little, but it makes you very conscious of your habits!

    You can always post here on sixty if you want to share a reAlly good no spend run!!!

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