Do U Uber?

I do… or at least my kid does.  I haven’t done it yet, no need, but more on that in a minute.

Last night my spoiled rotten cat Gracie, yeah, you know the one!  She’s awesome but also very VERY high maintenance.  She goes around and makes sure that all the hall doors are open;  its like she has OCD or something.  She usually does it while I am gone.

However,  last night I closed my closet door because its cold in there and it saves money (I think) when its closed.  Well, Gracie decided she wanted that door open too.

She did not give up on it, she scratched at it all night long.  There is a space at the bottom of that door where she actually scratched off all the paint.  See?


Anyway, she finally got it open during the wee hours after keeping me up all night.  Lesson for me is just to leave the damn door open!  Gracie wins again.

(Yeah I know, shoddy paint job but its just gonna have to stay that way for a couple more years!)

Okay, now to Uber.  The best BEST service in the whole Universe!

My kid was off school yesterday and I was working and she had a babysitting gig not far from home.  In the “olden days” I would get off of work, go take her to said job and then go and pick her up and driv her home and then go back to work. Costing me time and gas.



I have the app on my phone and I request a car for her, they pick her up and its all taken care of. Its on my Credit Card via my phone.  No money changes hands and it was about $5.00 one way yesterday.  Its usually very cheap.


Not only that, I get to see who is picking her up, their license plate and everything.  Then I get to watch the car go to the destination.  It feels so safe.  She feels safe knowing momma is watching.

Uber is super cool and I do not know what we would do without it.  I have actually taken her to her teenage “Kickbacks” and then had Uber pick her up and bring her home when I am in my jammies and do not want to be out at 11:00 at night.

Its super fast, super cheap and super safe.

Do U Uber?

That is what I spent my money on yesterday so it wasn’t a No Spend Day.  But my kid bought me a cup of much needed coffee this morning to pay me back.  Today is a No Spend Day!

Have a great day!



9 thoughts on “Do U Uber?

  1. My cats demand that all doors are open as well. Geez, glad they let me live here!!! I haven’t Ubered, but sounds like it works well for you. Only thing I know about it is there was some controversy when they wanted to start up in Columbia, MO. I think the regular taxi drivers didn’t want to have to follow lots of rules and regulations and then Uber didn’t have to. Sounds like Uber is a great deal and safe!

  2. Its not just cats. My ex gave my son a couple of rescue dogs a couple of years ago. Didn’t have the heart to no….mistake. One of them pee’d on the wall and trashed the door casing. I removed as much of the molding as I could and bleached it. Not really sure what to do about getting it replaced as I can’t imagine it going to be a cheap job In the mean time it looks pretty bad. Its not even in a place I can hide it. The poor kid was in tears because he thought i was going to take them to the pound. Probably should have….but I didn’t. One of them had to have it really bad in his other life. As he really needs some anxiety meds.

    Did you call about getting your utilities on level pay?

    • Katie Yes! I forgot to mention that! I hit a big fat zero! They dont have anything for me, just for older people and people on really limited budgets like social security.

      They will let you extend your payment though. ;-(

      • That stinks. i wonder if you could do your own level pay by averaging out your last year bills. You would have to start when the bill are low so that you could build up a credit for when the bill is high. Example, my gas bill is cheap in the summer but higher in the winter. So would start paying them summer as to build up a credit for the winter months and do the opposite for the electric.

  3. I’m a bit wary of uber…mainly for insurance (if there is an accident) and second I worry that Uber execs make millions while drivers (many who are unemployed or underemployed) make less than a living wage. Not sure what the answer is…uber is really controversial here too. We have 4 drivers and one little car and I’m thinking of joining a non profit community car or bike share for transportation. Oh and yeah my cat keeps me up at night too…he meows for attention! Crazy old kitty.

  4. I haven’t used uber, but quite a few at work do. One of our owners uses it, especially while traveling and has had a terrible time with all his credit cards getting hacked with fraudulent uber charges. On both our company cards and his personal card. We have have been dealing with this for month. Cancel one card and then the new one shows up with charge after charge. It’s been very frustrating.

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