Left Over Mexican

Hi there! I have been a Mexican Eating Fool!

First of all its gluten and dairy free if you buy the type of sour cream I buy.

Its so freaking good!


It has really helped me get some flava back into my Mexican!

The one thing I am hooked on, that uses up leftover chicken are these easy peasy tacos!

Just a few ingredients and lots if flava!

Corn tortillas
Leftover chicken mixed in salsa
DF sour cream

Heat tortillas in dry pan until slightly crispy:


I double them up, then add the chicken mixture, lime, sour cream and top with fresh cilantro!


We are in Mexican heaven!


Delish! You don’t even need cheese!

Other ideas:

Get some tortilla chips, top with ground turkey seasoned with taco spice, cheese. Zap till cheese is melty then add avocado, sour cream and salsa! BAM!

Or: cook up some rice, mix in the meat mixture and make burritos in GF tortillas.

(Can’t eat beans! :/()

There are so many cheap ideas with Mexican food! Enjoy




3 thoughts on “Left Over Mexican

  1. Looks delicious…but NOT CHEESE!!! That’s crazy talk 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Did you call your trustee about 13Netowrk????

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