A Blessing

Happy Friday! It really is a happy Friday!

As you guys know I am so lucky to have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Oh what a joy its been. It is a battle and one that keeps me popping pills right and left that will never cure me. There is no cure, I am blessed with it for life! Nice!

Top that off with another diagnosis I was blessed with for another incurable disease, not only am I a Debtgirl I am actually a pretty sick girl.

I will not bore you with all the gory details, some things should remain semi-private.

However… I have really spectacular news. I have to share.

Out of the blue, I was approved for a medication that does in fact cure one of my diseases.


Finally a cure! Its very expensive, to the tune of over 1000.00 A PILL!

You read that right, $100,000 for the full treatment!

I have to pay $5.00. FIVE BUCKS!

My doctor fought long and hard and I had given up hope, but he and the girls in his office worked for years to get this blessing for me.

I started the treatment last night. I hope to say that in 12 weeks this disease will be a part of my past and I can move forward less sick.

I do share that my health is always on my mind!! One less thing to worry about. Now you know why.

My mom wished for this treatment for me and I cant help but think she knows it is finally happening!

Sometimes good things do happen.



18 thoughts on “A Blessing

  1. That is great news! My boss has a good friend who just started on a very pricey medication (I think for hepatitis) but it’s supposed to cure her, too. Hope it works for you.

  2. Glad you’ll be getting the prescription. I’ll stay off my soap box of how ridiculous healthcare is in the US. Have a great weekend, Debt Girl!!!

  3. Hi Debtgirl, That is the kind of wonderful news i needed to hear today 🙂
    I’m very happy for you; Way to go doctor!!!! And I hope it’s all you’re hoping for *big hug*

    • It blows me away! I had gotten rjection letters a few times and just like that, out of the blue, approved. I didnt lift a finger, as my mom would say! It just happened! So blessed!

      Thank you! Oh I love your apron post!

  4. Wow $1000 for a pill? So glad you can get it for a fraction of that. Hope you are feeling better and better soon – you deserve all the health and happiness in the world!

    • I have been taught a very important lesson in life and it is that nothing is as important as your health, you must from a very early age protect it, I really try to instill that into my own daughter. Just try your best to be as healthy as you can. :-). xoxo

    • Bridget, he has always been wonderful. I have had my moments of doubt, but its because I am sick and sometimes things they say are not what we want to hear. But I have got over it and yes, I do feel like he is one of the best GIs in this area and when I move to Oregon I will miss him. I sure hope he knows someone up there to refer me too. At least I will have one less issue to deal with. I will be cured! woo hoo!!! xoxoxo

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