Gift in my Inbox!?!

The surprises just keep coming. Today, I was hanging out and you know chill’n.. just checking my regular forums, blogs and email.

All of a sudden there was an interesting email in my Debtgirl inbox.

A gift!


For me!

From one of my dear readers!  She read my post and wanted me to have the cookbook! I cannot believe her generosity.

Thank you so much!  It really warms my heart and I too shall pay it forward!

It was so kind of you to do that.  I was really touched.

I raced over to Amazon and guess what, I purchased the 10 Dollar Dinner cookbook.  Ah hem.. brand new! Winking smile (I never, ever buy brand new books).  Feels so decadent.  In a good way! 😉


Isn’t she cute?  Her videos are really cool too, check her out of Food network.  She makes it so easy!



I could not wait to order it.  AND… I made her Garlic oil infused Pasta today.


It turned out so yummy!  Again, my kid loved it.


Now I cannot wait to receive the gift from my reader in the mail! Feels like Christmas!

I cannot wait to share it with you and make the things in it that I think my kid will like and for $10.00 a meal, what’s not to love.

I know this is my second post today but I could not wait to say THANK YOU VAL!  That was very sweet and kind of you. I send best wishes to you.  I am blown away by your act of kindness.  Big Hugs!

I send you all best wishes.  Have a wonderful evening!


21 thoughts on “Gift in my Inbox!?!

    • Hi Bridget! You guys rock! I hope all is well for you and your fur baby! Its pouring cats and dogs here today. We need it but not sure kid can practice for her tourney next week. Uh oh! 😊

    • Val!!! You are so kind! If you are Over your Head, it was really something for you to reach out to me to do that!!! Thank you so much!

      Are you starting that new blog? I am so excited for you! If you need any help let me know. If I can answer any WordPress questions, I sure will.

      Being in debt and/or BK is a lonely place. Its good to have a place to share and learn from others online who can relate!

      I cannot wait to see what you do with your blog! You know you will be on my blogroll! 🌺👍

      You are a kind and wonderful person, good things coming your way!

      Keep us posted!

  1. What a wonderful surprise for you. I’m going to check out some of her recipes. The pasta one sure looks good. I love the Pay it Forward mindset. I had a friend who helped me out years ago and last month I was able to pay her kindness forward to a coworker. She paid me back the loan and wanted to do something to thank me. I told her to pay if forward instead, which she promised to do so one day. Hope you’re having a nice Sunday.

  2. @Val,
    If you are interested in the blog, there are videos online, like on YouTube, just type in the search for WordPress videos. But wordpress has a new interface that I am avoiding, so it can get confusing if you started in the old and now are looking at the new interface. I get it.

    But if you are interested, it might be a good place to look. Or just come here and share! I hope you are doing better than a couple of years ago when you started the blog. Its hard getting out of debt once you are in it. Its a vicious circle! ;-( xoxo

  3. What a sweet and generous thing to do. Awesome. I am starting a blog to document my journey as well. Ill post the link here soon. Itl likely be Blogger since that is what I am most familiar with. But I think it is a great idea. Saw l2nd attorney this week who i liked better than the first , as suspected he advised it would be legal to buy a car before we file. We have a 13 year old car and an 11 year old car. Basically we had no choice but to go buy a vehicle. We did, so now there is no turning back.! How did you handle phone calls from creditors when you stopped paying unsecured?

    • Congrats on the new car you will be so glad u did that! I thought it sounded shady but its not at all! Sure wish I did that!!!

      I cant wait to check out your blog! Woo hoo!

      I mean I am sorry you are in this mess but since you are here, good to have company!!


      • I agree. I have loved your blog. I found My Journey through Chapter 13 first, but she hasn’t posted in 6 months. It is nice to be able to bounce things off of people and understand we are not alone. I am really sad I cannot seem to get an activation email from the forum. I have tried a gazillion email addresses. Ive seen all the responses and recommendations regarding it but I guess until someone decides to fix it wont be a great resource for me as far as being able to post and ask questions.

    • I just didn’t answer them. If they caught me off guard, I just told them I was in a BK and to talk to my lawyer. Once they hear BK 13 they kind of just wait for the paperwork. It really didn’t bug me at all.

      My car is 10 now, omg, its very scary to have such an old car.

    • @smg I just don’t know whats going on there at that site but they did say that no admins have logged, maybe when they do you can set up a login. Did you email an admin? That might help! So glad you found me.

  4. @Sandra, Thank you so much. That is a huge complement! Its hard putting it out there but I hope it helps, i know it sure helps me! 🌺❤️ Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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