40 of 60 Payments


My “necklace” continues to grow!

I used to think that when I got to 40 payments I would feel like I am finished. Wrong! 😔

It still feels like a long way off, because it is a long haul! I am not gonna lie!

But I am farther along then I was in 2012 and with each passing month I get closer to the end!

I am in it to win it! I got this!

Ah hem right?



11 thoughts on “40 of 60 Payments

    • 2/3! That sounds good! At my age,not THAT old, but in my health and situation I am just glad I am not starting now! Oh how I wish I started in 2008 when I first considered it!

      But at least I bit bullet and did it! 20 more payments, soon to be in the teens!

    • Congrats in number one!!!! You are on your way!

      I keep it hidden in a corner that nobody but me can see in my cubby!

      If someone notices, which they never have, i will just say its a countdown to retirement! Well it kind of is!

      If you live in So Cal we can def meetup!
      Congrats Katie, you have made a tough financial decision but it can really work!


      • So Cal is a bit to far for a road trip. Oregon on the other hand maybe possible. We drove down the coast a couple of years ago and it was wonderful!

  1. 40!!!!! 40 out of 60 is waaaay more than halfway. Way to keep your nose to the grindstone and get after this! The future looks bright in many ways. Get out the shades, Debt Girl!

    • Thanks Kim! I love your positive posts! It is way past halfway! Just think… 10 more payments, then just 10 more! That will be the day! I cannot wait to be free!

      I am really shackled in more ways than one in This BK. no new (used) car, no selling my condo. Welp, those are the two things that are the most restraining.

      I dont miss anything else! You really learn how to live on cash! I will take these lessons into my retirement limited income and know I can make it work!

      Woo hoo! Getting a little excited now! 😁😁😁

  2. I have been following you for a while and I can say that I am really excited about 40. I have huge debt issues, used to fret every single day, look back at what I did wrong, etc. etc. etc. and then one day I forgave myself, simply that, for getting my family in the position we are in and now I look forward (very seldom backward) and I count everyday as a new beginning. 40 is an awesome number – I am happy for you.

    • Hi Moe! Thank you for following my journey. Its really great to have people around that dont judge and can relate. Its a difficult decision and I think we are harder on ourselves. I hope that everyday gets easier for you and the difficult days are way behind you! You are brave, you faced it. I think some people never do!

      Xoxo debtgirl

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