Pretty Pavlova

Is this not the prettiest? Its a delicate, puffy cloud of non-dairy, gluten free yummyness. I have been wanting to make this for years. Hopefully this weekend I will feel up to it!

I will use regular cool whip, its nondairy!


Yes I do worry about my persnickety oven, but I will never bake anything if I let that stop me. So hopefully, if I keep an eye on it, it will be ok.

Last night could be the beginning of a very ugly next couple of months. I sure hope not! Tomorrow marks one week of starting a new med, I was hoping to skirt the side effects but I think I might be in for a bumpy ride. Naturally! Of course! Why? Gah!

Again just need to concentrate on the outcome! I need to remind myself how lucky I am.

Tomorrow is my Friday and for that I am grateful! Some down time is always good.

Oh, have you ever made or eaten Pavlova? I haven’t. Really looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful day peeps!



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