Day Off

Hello! It was my day off and I don’t feel like I got anything done!

Well, I got to the doctor, I suppose thats done.



After that I went to Bevmo and stocked up!

Have you ever tried these non-alcoholic beverages?


I haven’t. Its probably a good idea for me to try it while I am on so many meds!

I poured a glass of the red.


Um… Its ok. Its not awesome, but its an awesome option, it feels smart.

I put the white in the fridge:


Looking forward to trying this at some point!


I will probably end up having my grape juice and sparkling water but its nice to have options at the end if a long day!

Omgosh, off to have home made chicken fried steak and my buddies house! He’s cooking and me and his wife just get to eat! Love it! Lets see how my system handles that!

Actually will take my beer and try that tonight!

Wish me luck, I’m goin in!



4 thoughts on “Day Off

    • so Broke it was delish! My friend grew up in indiana and he knows how to make chicen fried steak and mash pots!!!!!

      I really enjoyed it then came home miserable ! :/)

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