Superbowl Sunday 2016

Phshaw! I am so not into it. However its on the TV now that I have had a chance to chill.

Its been a busy weekend, kiddo had a tourney and She will tell it was as if she never played before! Windy and challenging! But she got out there and did it. Lots of kids withdrew.


On my way back from dropping her off I hit up some junk stores. I wanted to get a couple of beer mugs. I am using one now for my Odouls!


Pretty huh? Etched glass. Looks very manly , but I love them, for a couple of bucks. See the frost and the foam?
I have to tell ya that beer is good!

Then I put half of this roast in the crock pot. What a deal this was! Too big for crock pot, so there is half in the freezer for another time.


Is that the best deal? Plan on using that for tacos and BBQ this week.

The game is on, its almost halftime and I do enjoy that.

Later I’m making my kid and I a little spot of tea with some snacks. Its just a little something I wanted to do to make her feel better. Will share tomorrow how I do it. Pretty!

I hope I am making nice little memories for her. We certainly cant take vacations to do that. 🙂

Have a wonderful evening!

I hope your team wins!



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