A Spot Of Tea

Hi! How are you? I am just putting one foot in front of the other! Trying to enjoy life AND get through this BK in one piece!

That means trying to enjoy the small things!

I have lots on my plate, financially. I need to buy some airline tickets that were only going to be one-way but have now turned into round-trip. I will catch you up in another post. I need car and condo work too. The list is endless. Sometimes you just have to relax!

In the meantime, I try to do a few nice things for myself and my kid to help us chill. As a kid, when I stayed at my gramma’s she made me feel so special by doing just this! Its a find memory I will always cherish. Her trays consisted of hot chocolate and toast with the daily funny paper! Anyone remember Beatle Bailey? What a wonderful gramma I had!

I still make myself trays. But this week I decided to get my kid one too! Shes not even sick.

So when she was in her room I surprised her!

First, I put on the tea.


Then I got our little trays ready.



Then I lit the candles and added the little goodies.




It was just so much fun bringing it to her and seeing how special she felt.



I love little trays and snacks! Tea really does taste better out of a proper cup and saucer, really, it does!

Try it, take a break and make a tea tray! You deserve it.



5 thoughts on “A Spot Of Tea

  1. Thank you Debt-girl. What time is tea??? You took me down memory lane. My grandma always had special tea parties for us/me as kids. Yoju reminded me of how wonderfult that wss~~~P.S. I want ot know where your’re flying too (when you’re ready to share)

    • Hi Ho Soph! (we are old friends now!) we are flying to Portland in May for my mothers memorial. As you might remember I did not make it up to Portland for her funeral.

      So we are noth flying up. Will take a day to look at prop in Washington maybe! Xoxo

  2. What a lovely tradition to pass down. Although I’m not a big for tea, I can say that coffee tastes better in a china cup and saucer. Many years ago I picked up discontinued place settings of china at a very low price and I still enjoy those cups of coffee. It just a little special treat. ☺

  3. What lovely trays and how sweet of you to make your daughter feel special! 🙂

    A while back, I figured out that my, um, utilitarian approach to dinner (overly busy single-girl style) needed to go. Slowly trying to figure out how to dress up dinner and snacks, at least sometimes, to make things a bit better.

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