Credit Score Update

When I filed forty months ago my credit tanked!

It was 555 or some ridiculous number. You can view it on the events page. (I will link it later)

It has slowly risen! Now it is as high as it was before I filed.


Is that crazy or what?

It just tells me that a BK is not as bad on your credit as negative debt to income ratio.

When I get discharged it will go up even more.

Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong! You just never know, until you know!

Have a great day.



10 thoughts on “Credit Score Update

  1. Serious?! That is awesome. Mine is considered Poor to Very Poor. Forever it had been close to 800. You know why? Creditors loved me ;0. I NEVER missed a payment on anything, but BK sent me right down to the Very Poor area. So this is VERY encouraging news. I know for mortgages, they want to see a 700 at the least….at least in this community currently. Great job!

  2. Yes! By posting my crawl out of the dispair (over exageration!) if the FICO in the pot, maybe I will bring hope to other peeps like you who are seeing it that low for the first time!

    I too had a good score but it was not easy to make the payments. I had a score, but no way to do anything with it except brag! ;/)

  3. Great Job! That’s going to help with your life after Chapter 13. I haven’t look at mine as I first filed a chapter 7 before be converted to a chapter 13. Maybe i will look at the confirmation hearing in March to document my progress.

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