Looking Forward


Just to keep me focused!

I would like to lose a few pounds before the trip. Where do the come from?

I am back to writing down my points! It really helps, I think.

These are high in points! I would not have bought if I knew, but nice with tea.


So that is where my head is these days! Better than being all too consumed with each passing payment.

Oh hey! The other day when I was thrifting look what I found:


So cool! A buck a pop for glazed cups! Perfect for my desk and I will keep them forever! I love this type of pottery.

Kid is going to Beverly Hills tonight for a birthday sleep over at a swank hotel. She hangs out with the rich and famous, ( I am not kidding). I am glad she gets to have some of those experiences! I still worry when she sleeps over though.

So I will go to step class and go home and finish my valentines! Are you doing anything? I sent all my sisters some one. I just had it in my heart to do that. So I did!

Hope your week is going well! Almost over!



7 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Hi Debtgirl…where do those pounds come from??? From those delicous meals you’ve been coooking lately. I swear i put on a pound every time i look at the delicious picture!!!! Portland in May will be beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. My 16 yr old and her friends are always doing sleepovers at their bigger houses. They seem to have a lot of fun but don’t actually sleep much 🙂 have a nice weekend…I’m working all weekend again, but that’s ok.

    • I wish we had more space just so she could have more friends over. It helos to get to know them. The best thing I ever did was buy her that double bed! That has helped, oh and put FREE GPS app on our phones. Peace of mind.

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