Presidents Day 2016

Hello!  How are you doing?  It’s a three day weekend for me and I wish that I could say that I jetted up to Napa or flew over to Catalina or jumped on a plane to visit my family in Oregon.

Nope.  None of the above.  Just home, putzing and cleaning.  And dwelling. Dwelling on my job and that whole situation.  Something’s gotta give.  I have to bite the bullet and have some very difficult meetings either with my boss, his boss, HR, the Union or an employment lawyer, EEOC or maybe all of them.    I am just not sure what to do, so there is a lot on my mind.  I wish I knew what to do. Heavy sigh.

I  also wish I would win the lottery, but you know what they say. Wish in one hand and * in the other and see which one fills up first.  Winking smile

Instead of wishing my life away, I am going take the bull by the horns and research my options.  It’s a long, long story and I won’t bore you with it here, suffice it to say my job situation really sucks and I am in no position to bail.  Well, that’s not true, I am actually looking at other jobs and would bail if the right job near me came available.  I found a job I would apply for but it is 50 miles away.  And I am afraid at my age (56 in May) that nobody wants to hire me!  It came so fast, I was hirable and then I wasn’t  Just like that.

Life comes at you fast people.  Get your * together early on so that when you hit your fifties you are set.  Don’t consider old age as being 70, be ready to be treated like * after 40 in this country.  Don’t * yourself!  Winking smile

Okay enough of that little rant.

Happy Presidents Day!

My favorite President is John Adams.


Netflix has a wonderful mini series about his life and times.  If you are looking for something to watch, it’s wonderful.


Please click here to read more about it.  I streamed it.

(He would never have put up with the kind of * I deal with!) Winking smile

Enjoy the rest of the day!  I hope you are doing something fun!



15 thoughts on “Presidents Day 2016

  1. Hi Debt girl,

    If the problem is as serious as you’re making it sound…you should pursue it. HR and the union sound like the right places to start to make sure you have backup/agreement/support.

    Nothing wrong with a quiet long weekend…remember the end is near:)

  2. you’re so right. After I was let go from my ‘extra help’ library position, I knew no one really would hire me for permanent even part time with my health issues and age! I think that’s been one of the hardest things for me. I would guess that maybe Library admin didn’t realize the importance of that job for me, or maybe they did and didn’t really give a s*t because I was just ‘extra help’. But for me doing something 12 hours a week, that I knew and loved was a lot. I’ve thought about looking for something else but at every turn , I feel blocked. I think you should go to HR and keep looking for another job.

  3. Hi DebtGirl, I’ve been reading for a while but think this is my first comment. I have had terrible work situations before and I feel your pain. Just fyi, the EEOC was not helpful to me (I’ve heard they only take a small percentage of claims to court themselves). Sometimes the union helps a little. I wish you luck with whatever you do.

  4. Wish I could give u a hug and tell u hang in there girl, the finish line is
    almost here. Know that u are helping those of us on the chapter 13 journey.

    Work…go talk to your hr folks. Don’t give up. Apply for the job and see what happens.

    Wish there was a chapter 13 support group. As this is the time we need to stop by your place and go for a walk or get the snacks out and have a movie marathon

  5. Best of luck with the job too Debtgirl, my Union wasn’t much help either a while back when I had an issue and in the end I just had to go with what was right for me…I know it’s hard but go with what is in your heart and intuition, we only live once and really all we have is the present.

  6. Hang in there Debtgirl. When you’re feeling stuck, try to focus on how far you’ve come to feel better. Enjoy those long weekends even if they’re stay home and putz ones.

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