Taxes 2015

Well this was a few days of stupidity Courage!

I did my taxes yesterday and man oh man that was scary!

But I bit the bullet and pulled my head out of the sand.

And thankfully the outcome was doable!



I have to pay Fed and give State to Trustee! Remember last year when she got $2000.00! That hurt๐Ÿ˜‚

This year not so bad and what makes it even more doable is that next year is the last return to be sent in!

So in 2017 I don’t have to worry and I can keep whatever I get. I am tempted to get lots back on purpose to have!!!!

In other news, I bit the bullet and requested a meeting with HR and my boss’s boss! I sure hope I don’t open a can of worms!

More on that later after the meeting.

Have a great day and truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being here! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒน



9 thoughts on “Taxes 2015

  1. Good job on getting that Federal right where it should be!! And yay for seeking out help from HR. I’ve lived 50 years not being the squeaky wheel and thinking that people appreciate someone who can just get along. I’m now realizing that isn’t the right approach and I’m a lot more likely to squeak! Take care of you!

    • Insert squeaky little mouse here!

      No response to my request but I think they are scratching their heads, like why is she requesting this now?

      I dont want to be combative I just need open and honest comminication. Fingers crossed that the outcome brings me some peace of mind.

  2. Good news on the tax return Debt Girl!!!!! I owe a lot this year, but this is the last filing in i’m happy.

    good luck with your work stuff. Sometime we really need to talk…i think we have a lot more in common than our situation, our closeness in birthdates and our age!!!!

    I had given notice on November 23rd then rescinded that the beginning of January. It was a violation of our employee handbook, a serious offense but unfortunately no one responded back. I don’t think that complaint is over yet. I have some very good fiends who are board members here.

    Good luck and let us know how things go.

    • Its amazing how much in common. What part of WA do you live in?

      I dont know what I expect. My mom told me never to expect too much and you will never be disappointed.

      I just have to be heard And open up communication with somebody!

  3. great job on the tax return!

    I would love to mess with mine but its part of the repayment so I am afraid if I don’t get something in the ball park of my previous returns the trustee isn’t going to happy. I found her to be a bit scary at the 341 hearing today. The lawyer didn’t seem worried but i am very worried she doesn’t like my payment plan.

    Thanks for sharing on how the trustee handles your taxes as I did get the wording in my plan to allow a refund to be first applied to the tax filing fee and any money I owe.

    • My trustee was rather rude too. No excuse for that.

      I worried that if I changed my deductions and massaging it that she would be miffed, but they have always been different amts and I never hear a word about it.

      I do look on NDC to ensure that it is posted.

      Glad your 341 is over!!! Woot! Now onward to confirmation.

      Does the clock start ticking for you the day you filed?


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