Cooking Fool

Hi there! This weekend flew by quickly but you know what? I am glad!

That much closer to retirement and a successful bankruptcy discharge. I put the word “successful” in there for the purpose of positive thinking.

Got some work done on my car, check.
Got my taxes filed, check.
Got grocery shopping done too.

So I made some crockpot chicken to use for BBQ sammies and other things.

Just spray your crock pot with cooking spray and add some onion and garlic and a little water, bout 1/2 cup.

I was lean on the onion cause I needed some for my soup.


Then just add the chicken, skinned, and let it go for a few hours.

Then once done let it cool and shred!


I didn’t add BBQ sauce to all that because I can make different meals with it!

Then I made a kitchen sink soup!


Really good and filling.

I didn’t lose a pound last week, but I didn’t gain either.

What did you do this weekend?


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