Not Much Happening…

I think thats a good thing after all the recent drama!

Ok occasionally, every day I look at Zillow to find my forever home!

Heres my latest find.


Isn’t that pretty!


Heavy sigh! So many constraints!

Have to clear the BK
Have to sell my condo
Have to get a loan
Have to retire
Need to stay healthy

It will happen, it will happen….

Just keeping my eye on the prize!

But I can’t help but think it just not work out the way we planned! Does it ever?

It will, i just have to stay positive!

Have a great day!



10 thoughts on “Not Much Happening…

  1. It WILL happen. You have the tenacity to make it happen. Day by day it comes closer. The real trick is to enjoy the journey. I am very guilty of looking ahead 2 1/2 years.

    • Hi KimC! Ok I need to learn that trick.

      Finding something to keep me busy
      And preoccupied, thats the ticket!

      Are you retire in a couple of years?!? Lucky girl!


      • I’ll be eligible June 1, 2019. I’m only looking ahead financially, how much can I squirrel away for the future? I refuse to be the burned out teacher past their prime. I still enjoy the kids and teaching, it is just the dang meetings that GET OLD!

  2. Dreaming is good!. We are fortunate in we bought a new home 1.5 years ago (somewhat strategic knowing we may have to let georgia house go). the house itself is perfect for us and will get us through retirement which is still 15 years away for me and 20 for hubby, the only downfall is it is not in the country, but it was a trade off we made for the kids. They get to be kids and run and roam the neighborhood.

    I’ve been following and not so busy. I admire your tenacity in dealing with your job situation. I am praying it all works out.

    Sent our paperwork and proposed budget to the attorney yesterday, but that will be covered in an upcoming blog post.

    Have a great week!

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