The Best Day

Aw Saturday! Why can’t every Saturday be so productive?

It just fell into place. I finally corralled my teen and we spent some time looking at colleges, scheduling what we need to do over the summer and just getting a really good start in that direction!



She got her homework done and then we hit the course for a practice round, it was gorgeous this weekend!






Not gonna lie, I will miss Southern California! For sure!

Then we came home and tormented Gracie, cause we can!




We are so excited about College and her options now! Yes! Things are looking up!

Sunday was awesome too, but that is my next post.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.


6 thoughts on “The Best Day

  1. Debt Girl, let’s review the rules. In Pic #2 I see a kitty cat on the floor, instead of perched on a throne being worshipped;). Glad it was a good weekend. I felt like the Midwest got some California weather as well. 2 days off and beautiful weather can do wonders for a person. Wish it would last, but the weather gods are going to remind us soon that this isn’t southern CA.

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