19 More!

Yep, 19! I am down to the teens! Before you know it I will be down to the single digits.

Whose counting?


I can’t tell how done I am. This has been the most challenging chapter of my life and I will be glad to put it behind me.

Five years is a long time! No matter how you slice and dice it.

But for today I will remain in the moment, keep plugging along with my eye on the prize!

I think I have learned more than just money management through this experience.



11 thoughts on “19 More!

  1. I was just wondering, do coworkers ask what the chain is for? There are a lot of lookie-loos at my work and would question anything like that in my cubicle.
    I love reading your updates. You’re creative and motivating! 🙂

    • Hi Thirteen! Glad you stop by. Nobody can see it unless they come way in and are standing by my computer. But if they do, I am ready with a comeback! Its my count down to retirement chain! 😜😜🤓

      It is satisfying to put in a new loop each month! It will be a big day when I can connect them and wear it!!!

      Find a place to have one or have a file folder to use, you can check off with different colors on a piece of paper, or use stickers. That would be discreet!

  2. That’s wonderful. That’s my biggest fear/concern…just wanting this to be over. Just made my second payment so I applaud u for the journey u have been on.

    • Hi Katie! Im not gonna lie, there are times when you cannot believe you made BK 13 decision. You will think more than once “what have I done?” But then you will remember why and see it as the best, most challenging option. Also you will realize that once you are in, you are in!

      So always keep your eye in the outcome prize!


  3. Congratulations! Every ring represents sacrifice, and delayed gratification. How Sweet Sweet Sweet 60 will be!!!

  4. I wish I had the energy to value my assets and the nerve to file. I don’t think I will be able to deal with the debt collectors once they start calling. It’s hard to know how to trust an attorney.

    Thanks Debt Girl.

    • Its a hard decision, no doubt. You have to think long and hard. If you can get out yourself in five years then thats best route! Just look down the road, will you be better off and is it worth it? Tough questions! I know you will make the best!!! Xoxo

  5. @trapper… Regarding assets, it’s really not that hard, just start a list on a spreadsheet. Do that even if you don’t file, good to have. Ahhh the atty question. You can interview them but also you can look on the court dockets to see who is actually doing mostly BK then go watch for a morning. You really will see who is best in the interview process is they take their time, add things to your list you might have missed and seem to be on your side. Go on to the http://www.bkforum.com and ask if anyone knows a good I one in your area.

    It’s a daunting task, but it’s supposed to be there to help those of us who really do need it. You will know if and when that is you. Xoxo

    I just want to make sure I addressed your concerns! Xoxo

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