3rd Place Win

Hi there! Its my Friday! Can you tell by my upbeat-ness? 👍😬

I have so much to do tomorrow, its far from a day off. (Do parents really have days off?)

I have to…
Go to bank
Work on budget
Send in taxes, postage
Look at my kids taxes
Wash my kids clubs
Do other tasks online
Cat box

My kid woke up with a sore throat today, but she always insists on going to school. No fever!

She has a two day tourney this weekend and hopefully she will feel better for that!

Speaking of golf, she placed 3rd with a score of 83 at a one day tourney last Sunday!


Its not first, but its a win and I am so proud of her!

Now we are considering joining another tour! Budget!!! Where the heck am I gonna pull that $$$ out of?!?

I will figure it out!

If we did not have golf, I would be financially set! It really would be easy! But if we didn’t spend it there where would we spend it?

But my kid is more important than anything to me and I only have a couple of years left to help give her the foundation she needs! I could not be more happy to make that happen, come H or highwater! 😇

Hope you have a great day!



2 thoughts on “3rd Place Win

  1. I definitely understand the need to fund your kids dream/goals. It’s not always the smartest thing to do with our money, but there can’t always be logic when it comes to our kids. Even looking back now, with a son who doesn’t appreciate what we sacrificed, I probably still would have done it all again. Happy “Friday”!

    • Hi Fam, sorry about your son but I bet he willcome around! Its never ever never a waste to try!

      You have a daughter to in college that is doing well, see? It worked for her.

      We have to do the best we can for our kids, and its not just about $$$

      Your son will come round, boys always take longer!

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