Let There Be Light

How’s it going? I hope great!

I stopped at CVS this morning… Again! They are making a fortune off me!

I went to get something to help with my cough. The medicine I wanted… $50.00! Really Drug Companies!!!! Gawd! I opted for the $14.00 kind. Still shaking my head. Robbery!

In other news, I have so many recessed lights in my kitchen, the really expensive kind.


I think I have paid as much as $20.00 a bulb!

Well, and this is the good part…

A few months ago, in a moment of thinking clearly, I picked up some bulbs at a thriftstore for a buck a pop.


Now I didn’t know for sure if they would fit, I don’t carry bulbs around with me usually, but I decided to buy them.

They fit!!!

I looked up this weekend and two bulbs were out and I remembered the boxes of bulbs I bought and squirriled away in the garage!


With my fingers crossed, I tried them, and they fit!!!!

I am very proud of myself!

And thats how you make it through a Chapter 13 successfully, one bulb at a time!



2 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. Its amazing how much medication can cost. $55 for cough syrup is crazy. Glad you were able to find some cheaper stuff. I have started to read the active ingredients as to see how it compares to other brands. Wish we had some decent thrift stores in my area. That has to be a great help with your Chapter 13 journey.

    • It really has helped me! If I had to I would drive to find good ones.

      You can google closeby towns and see whats there.

      It would be be hard to make it without good second hand stores.

      😉 I always liked them, so its nothing new for me.

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