Rainy Monday

It sure was tempting to stay home all snuggly with Misty and Gracie! I love rainy daze!

But common sense prevailed! Remember I was out sick last Monday and Tuesday. Even though I don’t like my situation I am grateful for the job I do have.

Last Friday we took Gracie to the vet. I was prepared to pay quite a bit, but got out for $75.00. She is constipated. I know.


But at least we have piece of mind. I am giving her mineral oil in her food.

Then I gave my ferns a haircut.


Added a little miracle grow and they should be much healthier in a few weeks.


Then I got a haircut!



Back to Supercuts! Love it!

Then over to JC Penny to pick up some new black shoes. I bought 2 pair. $23.00 and 29.00 this weekend. That should take care of that for a while.

Then to the grocery store, Vons has WW Smart Ones on sale 4/.99! Stocked up. We are loving the breakfast ones.

So it was not a stretchy weekend but the way I spend cash now is way different than I did 4 years ago.

Sales, deals and good buys. Think ahead and remember cash is king! Ah hem… Queen.

Have a good day and stretch those dollars!



8 thoughts on “Rainy Monday

  1. I wish we had a Vons around here. 4 for .99? I would’ve stocked up at those prices. Had one of those super shopping trips this weekend, too. The store I work at part time had clearanced tons of stuff, then they had 40% off those prices. I finally got a little time to shop and got two tops, two necklaces, some Christmas earrings and a set of assorted colors of nail polish. After my discount, I paid less than $20. Love the nail polish because sandal season is almost here in Wisconsin. 😃

    • Whoops! I meant to write if you bought 4 you get them for .99 a piece.

      That was bad on my part sorry!!!

      I thought it was a good deal but .25 a piece would ROCK!!!

      Sounds like you picked up some great deals!


  2. I’m going to run for president. My only issue to accomplish during my 4 year term will be for a national holiday following this dang “spring forward” 1 hour. Can I count on your vote?

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