New Thing

I am totally into Weightwatcher Breakfast.


I found them at Vons, if you buy 4 you get them for .99 a piece.

They are awesome.

Easy to toss in my work bag in a hurry AND a hot breakfast that my kid can make herself. Win!

I don’t eat them everyday because I love me some Cheerios with almond milk, but try these if you are in a pinch, I promise you will love’em!

Not much going on here. I went to my monthly writers group on Saturday and read my summary and kind of pitched my idea for the children’s book. They really loved the idea and there seemed to be quite a bit of excitement.

So that inspired me and I have been working on it this week in my spare time.

Who knows, maybe by the time I am finished with the Chapter 13 I will have a manuscript ready to sell.

Oh to dream!


Have a great day!

(If you try the WW or Lean Cuisine breakfasts, let me know what you think.) 👍

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