Thanks, I Needed This….


Today I went for my lake walk with my friend from the neighborhood. I miss my walk!

I just could not believe that beautiful tree🌸

Afterwards I played Monopoly.



Can you believe that there was not one winner in the bunch that I could use!


Oh well that winning ticket is out there somewhere, sitting in a box, just waiting to make its way to my little grubby! 😁

Its been a really nice day hanging out.

Tonight going down to my other neighbors for a visit. I plan to take some quesadillas. I put a couple bone-in breasts in the crockpot to use.

Kid had BBQ sammies from them. You can really stretch chicken!

My neighbor always makes a little something to eat so I told her my turn! Plus its made from everything I have on hand.

I hope you have a nice, frugal evening. Stay low, lay low! I sure needed a day like today!

Oh… I made my fav desert today, will share soon



6 thoughts on “Thanks, I Needed This….

  1. Wow, that Monopoly marketing strategy looks pretty involved. Hope you at least got some discounts out of it. The tree is beautiful. Not sure what it is, but reminds me I want to plant a couple of Redbud trees in my backyard.

    Have a great weekend. Hope there are margaritas to go with the quesadillas:).

  2. Oh it looks so nice and warm there! So cold here and I can barely see buds on our trees…hoping spring comes soon up north! Enjoy your walks, they’re the best exercise they say.

  3. Is that a Flowering Crabapple tree? It’s just beautiful! Can’t wait for it to warm up around here and they bloom for us. Those and lilac bushes and Robins are a sure sign that spring us finally here. Enjoy your weekend.

    • I dont know what kind of tree it is, i will try to find out! I love love love lilacs and robins. I have a pic of my gramma with a robin on her shoulder she made a pet!!!! ;/) Robby.

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