Fav Dessert

Hi you! Whats up Buttercup?

I got up and walked the lake again today, needless to say, my feet hurt!

Three good days of exercise! Feels good. Hard but rewarding, just do it and all that cr*p! 😁

Had to walk off these:


Unfortunately, no Margheritas Kimc! But these sure were good! Love my visits with my nieghbor. She so cute!

Heres some of her art, shes 85.


I hope I am as energetic as she is. We did talk that this next tap recital she is doing will be her last, it was a sad conversation.

But these cheered me up! This is easy, cheap and yummy!


Thats all you need! Dollop 2 tablespoons on each cracker:


Give or take a spoonful…πŸ‘

Then put the other half on and freeze!


Thats it! Yummy!

In other news, Today I tried to make my kid a pancake bunny:


It looks like a mouse! Oh well I have time to work on my skilz!

Off to clean and relax! No more working out this weekend! Yay!



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