Do You Remember This?

Its so hard to believe that little girl is now One!!

This weekend was her birthday!

I put together a quick little gift.

My sister sent us an Easter Basket:


My older sister is a.dor.a.ble!

Anyway I regifted the little basket!



Its cute for a one year old and it matched the sippy cup! No candy though. Just a sweet little card I had on hand!



An inexpensive little somethin!

I really have to be careful now, lots of expenses.

My Kid starts driving lessons today.

Be forewarned valley people!



4 thoughts on “Do You Remember This?

  1. It’s exciting that your daughter is beginning driving lessons. I remember how nervous I was when my first child began driving, but all went well..

    • She lived! 👍 The guy called and said she was one of his best students and we think its because she has been druving golf carts forever!

      I am just so excited to get this cost behind me. Now we have to get a car and insurance.

      It will all work out! Thank you for the support!!!

  2. My youngest starting driving last year…its graduated licensing up here and she can go for her next test in June..great for her but bad on our budget because that means our insurance goes up by 80 dollars a month!

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