Way back then in 2012 when I started my “necklace” I could not imagine how I was going to make it to the end of this long journey.

I remember thinking that when I get to payment 40 that I would feel much more secure, like I would feel I was almost done.

Here I am in 2016 and I can actually say that I will be done next year, but it still feels so far off and unattainable.

I have made 41 payments.


Now I tell myself when I make it to payment 50 I will feel almost done.

That will be in December. So now I am keeping my eye on that present in December.

Its a really REALLY long journey and sometimes, most of the time it crawls.

Its hard! I ain’t gonna lie!

But just look how far we have come!

C’mon December!



9 thoughts on “Time

  1. You are an excellent example of keeping your eye on the prize. Inspirational!!! I’ll be here cheering you along, and celebrating with you!

  2. Hi DebtGirl,

    Way to go. It’ll be here before you know it. I have 10 payments left but I’m gong to pay off early, so only going to have 6 or 8 payments left (not totally decided yet).. I wrote about it on the BK site. We’ve worked hard to get out ASAP. The reward is a new life.

  3. Kim is so right. You really are an inspiration. Even after all the years I’ve struggled and have had my share of positive moments, I still can get discouraged. Reading your blog and comments help to see one isn’t alone and to keep going. Congrats on getting past #20 – how nice to be in your teens.😊

    • Thank you Terri! That makes me feel good that we are in it together and helping each other make it to the end point! It’s the countdown of a lifetime right? 🌺🌸🌷. In it to win it, πŸ˜ƒ

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