What I am Reading

Speaking of reading… I just have to say that I have the sweetest, most generous, not to mention hilarious readers! I love you all (all two of you) 😁! JK

Anyway you will never hear about books again from me, until I already have them! Ha ha, take that you naughty bunnies!



But again Thank You!

Ok so I just have to share what I am reading! You know I LOVE LOVE the Friends of the Library, used books, etc. If I see something about writing I add it to a small yet growing collection I have.

I got this forever ago! I stumbled on it last week when I had to straighten up a mess in the closet where my writing books are kept.


I have been in heaven! Its a collection of classic short stories!




Not only the short stories but a little bio of each of the writers as well as commentaries! Its so cool!

I will probably read the whole thing. I love short stories and I love the classics. Great find!

Do you remember when I fell in love with The Glass Castle? Have you read it? Theres a link to a pdf here: https://sixtypayments.com/2015/03/25/hello-hump-day/

I love books and as I get older I am falling more in love! The neatest thing now is that while I am reading, if something, a place, a painting or anything I am not familiar with, I just look it up on my phone and I immediately deepen my reading experience! FOR FREE!

Do you do that? I just finished The Goldfinch (depressing but brilliant) and it was awesome! Lots of antique furniture styles and art!

If you have a favorite classic I should read do tell!

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “What I am Reading

  1. As much as it pains me, I tend to de-clutter my books, so I mainly buy new books for my Kindle. I do miss old fashioned books though and the ease of flipping back 30 pages.

    • I hear ya, but I can’t pass up a good deal.

      A friend at work puts new books in my Drop Box once in awhile, thats how I got Gold Finch.

      I do love paper books though.


  2. I just put a new link on my blog with books I ‘ve read. I give a little synopsis so you might check it out. Since my daughter is a librarian, I get some good stuff.

  3. It is not a classic, but I just read Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It is wonderful! I spent an entire day curled up with it.

    Classics: love Jane Eyre, Les Mis, the Odyssey, Gone With The Wind.

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