Classic Reading

Yesterday I shared the short story collection I am reading during break at work.

This is what I am reading at home.


I gotta tell ya if it weren’t for reading and Netflix I would have gone crazy by now!

This is a really well written classic and Very funny! I have laughed more than I thought I would at Scout! What a pistol!

I am happy its Friday. Up early as you can see!

A little worried about the HOA here, its such a mess! I hope that it does not hinder my selling of this place when the time comes. Never again will I have an HOA if I can help it!



On that note, have a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “Classic Reading

  1. Hi Debtgirl and Happy Friday.
    This is the weekend I’m happy I work for private religious university. We have a 4 day weekend in celebrate Easter.

    I don’t watch Netflix but I too have become an avid reader. It’s amazing how many books one can read when looking for inexpensive, yet good entertainment.

    What’s happening with your HOA? I too dislike them, wish we could disband ours. I too will never buy into a property with an HOA attached. Are you self governed or do you have a property manager helping out?

    Time to take the dogs for a’s beautiful and sunny here in Olympia today.

    Have a good rest of you day 🙂

    • Hi Soph! I cant wait to visit Olympia!

      I will save the HOA drama for a post, I really need everyones input!!

      TGIF! You sound in really good spirits, getting a good vibe!!!! Xoxo

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