Getting In The Mood

Well I bought my roast today! $21.00 for a chuck roast! Beef is expensive, glad I don’t eat it often.

I also picked up my kids Easter basket stuff and these:



I am going to decorate these:


I love to decorate Easter eggs, I always have.

I plan on doing what Le Zoe did. Check out her blog, in my blog roll. For being pretty fancy schmancy, she always shares very fun, inexpensive craft ideas!

So maybe Tomorrow morning. I will post.

Hey, I eat lots of boiled eggs, wouldn’t you rather eat a cute one?


See you soon!



3 thoughts on “Getting In The Mood

  1. I make hard boiled eggs every weekend for quick work day breakfasts. I had an aunt who was in her 70’s and still dyed eggs every Easter. Not for grandkids or anything, she just liked to dye them. Always liked that spirit. Have a great weekend, Debt Girl. I’m going grocery shopping and you’re making me want to buy a roast.

    • Thank you Kimc!

      I think I am going to be like your aunt! I will probably do it forever!

      If you find a better deal on the beef roast, and I hope you do! Dont tell me! šŸŒ·

      Finished up a few things and I am ready for tomorrow! It should be low key and fun, just the way I like it.

      Cant wait to do eggs later today. šŸ˜œ

      Have a wonderful day!!


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