Monday Already?!?

Hi!!! Hello!

Yesterday was great! Low key and no drama, just the way it should be! I hope you enjoyed your Easter.


Kiddo loved her basket.





Dinner was good, not my gramma’s pot roast but good.

Today was a long day! I took the day off to take my kid to a course 150 miles away. She has a tourney coming up there and has never played.

She has lots of practice rounds coming up.





It was so windy and cold. Very close to the beach. I am so glad I brought an umbrella to protect from the wind.

On the way back we stopped at Goodwill in Santa Barbara. I found this:


I have been wanting a bed tray just to prop up my iPad and I found one for 3.00. Perfect condition. Lots of cleaner and Lysol and its just the ticket.

But can I just say that is a really awful Goodwill. Probably the worst. Kind if weird.

Anyway… Very tired, back to work tomorrow and then Friday another practice day for her. Kids on spring break.


Shes not doing much. Just golf practice and hanging out.

There, now we are all caught up. Hope all is well and you are tucked in too watching your fav series! (Yes, thats House of Cards, I am watching it again!)




2 thoughts on “Monday Already?!?

  1. I thought you were going to say you found the iPad at Goodwill. The tray makes more sense. My pot roast was not my mothers pot roast. I used all the drippings for a pan gravy, but I should have reserved some to put the sliced roast back in.

    • Oh haha! That would be the find of the century! Actually my IPad only cost me 200.00 about 3 years ago! Bought it from a friend.

      What did our moms and grandmothers do to make their pot roast so good!?!


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