Discharge Notice!

I got my Discharge Notice early!!!


Sure felt good to type that though!

Actually I should be getting it in a year and a half!


I really do keep an eye on that page, it so satisfying to type PAID at the beginning of the month.

Its starting to go by faster, FINALLY!!!

I think because I am so busy with my kid👍

Speaking of kid, I should have done something to “get” her today, like this!


Instead I told her there was a car with a bow on it outside, omg, she kind of believed me! I feel horrible! That was a mean April Fool!!!😩

I can’t believe she actually thought! I just learned a big lesson and feel like a completely jerk! Thats gonna haunt me for life!

Today we are off to the golf course for a practice round.

The rest if the weekend I am laying low. Just got paid, but its pretty much gone. Everything is paid for including those damn driving lessons. Wow!

They used to do that in high school for free! Of course they did! If there is a cost for something, I will find it!

Anyway, I hope you have a great day! Take it from me do the wrapping paper prank, thats funny!


4 thoughts on “Discharge Notice!

  1. Great April’s Fools post – I was excited for you for just a second, then my eyes went a bit further down the page and I saw “April Fools.” 🙂

    • I was TERRIBLE today! I went so far as to text my kids dad and tell him our kid got a hole in one! He told 4 people before I told him it was a joke!

      So bad!!! I am a bit of a stinker!!!!


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