Golf ‘n Stuff

Happy Saturday!

I Went for my lake walk this morning after I made my 2 point breakfast of 3 egg whites and 2 pieces of turkey bacon. I think I am getting this new SP WW system down.

I am doing it on my phone, cheap and easy. Its taken me a bit to figure it out, its more challenging than Points Plus I think.

I can’t eat raw veggies and fruit too often so that makes it harder. Dang colitis!

But off to a good start today. Yesterday I did well too!

Yesterday I packed our lunch:


And off we went for my kid to practice 18 holes.

I try to stay in the cart or under the umbrella. I could actually walk this course with an umbrella, I Think! I have to be so careful of the sun!











Isn’t that last picture lovely? I love being out there. Remember when I was flaring and couldn’t go? Breaks my heart.

Then I stopped at the market for just a few things and look at the stack of monopoly tickets my fav checkout girl gave me!


Holy cow!

I have gotten to the point where all I get are duplicates! Hopefully my winning ticket will find me soon. 👍

Kid is at a babysitting gig and I told her she can buy some clothes with the money, so heading to Old Navy or Forever 21 later.

A girlfriend wants to hang this evening so who knows what kind of trouble we will get into, cause yeah, I am so living on the edge right? 😜

Maybe go see that Hello my name is Doris. Maybe! I got to look at some numbers.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Oh and btw my kid is starting to drive me around the neighborhood for practice! Pray for me…



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