Spring Time!

Time to change the bow on my duckies! I love these little guys! I must be getting old! Ceramic ducks? Really?


Nice spring grass green color!

I love that cheapo bistro set! Even though its chipping… Who cares!?!

When I spend time on my patio I wonder how I am going to transport it to the Pacific Northwest when I retire.

I think I have A FEW YEARS!

In other news I went to see this last night (using my senior discount) it was funny, sad, unrealistic and realistic. Very different movie.

Its a hard one to recommend.


Aww Sunday! Laundry, cleaning, patio, etc. I love my LEAVE ME ALONE Sundays!

Oh… And budget! Crap!

Hope you are having a wonderful long Sunday!



9 thoughts on “Spring Time!

  1. Thanks Debt Girl. About a month more before i can afford to pay the lawyer, give all the paperwork and see how a bk works and where i fall in the maze. So difficult.

    Love your posts! \(^o^)/

  2. You weren’t alone with the house chores. We spent the day pulling weeds, trimming the bushes and putting down lawn food. This my first yard…who knew it would take so much of my time. I get to learn how to mow the lawn this summer…won’t that be fun. Thanks to the Chapter 13 no more lawn service. Maybe the yard is my new entertainment in my Chapter 13 life. 😕

    Have a good week!

    • Omg Katie you are blessed to have the yard!

      Yes! Make it your own little sanctuary. I love it!

      I can’t wait to have a small yard someday.

      Xoxo have a wonderful evening. Xoxo

    • I really do! My friend at works wife’s mother painted them back in the day. They were getting rid of them at one of my garage sales and I just had to take them at the end of the day! That seems so long ago! Xoxo. Love the asparagus recipe. Yum!

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