Here we are Tuesday! Gracie blocked the exit today! So funny!


She’s like… Maybe they won’t leave if I lay HERE! πŸ™Š

Today I had a chance to finally flip thru You are a Badass!

There is language here, so apologies in advance. I won’t make any excuses for wanting this for my kid either! 😁

Want to share some quick snips from this awesome book!








Now I just gotta get her to read it!

Teen years! Anything to help!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



4 thoughts on “Badass

  1. Ha, wish I could use the freight train quote in my teaching. I’ll have my kids get on the heck-yeah train. I teach band and some of the kids psyche themselves out. When Dave Ramsey wanted to encourage his kids to read a book they didn’t want to read, he would pay them for a book report. Not sure how you feel about external rewards, but might be worth it.

    • Hi KimC! I am totally ” on board” the train to pay for rewards! I am already thinking of something!

      This is a cool little confidence boost book, kind of wriiten for the younger set.

      I will get her nose in it soon!

      band??? Now that is heck-yeah cool!!!!


  2. I need more of this in my life! One of the things I have found is that kicking butt in one area of my lofe gives me confidence in other areas. It’s like, “Hey, I did that! Go, me!”

    • Yes!!! Thats the ticket! We all need to excel at something. My kid just needs to get confidance that she can do it, kids compare themselves and that is a no win!


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