Monopoly Tickets For You!

I have been saving these!



Now I don’t know much, well I do know my post was messy and hard to read yesterday 😁, which has nothing to do with this post! But…

I wonder how these monopoly tickets get distributed.

Do they send certain ones to different parts if the country?

Do they send out the winners at different times?

I just don’t know!

But heres the scoop, I have a bunch of duplicates and if one or two of you want them I will be happy to send them!

It might be worth a try if you live far away from California!

So… If you want them let me know!!!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

And good luck if you are playing!


9 thoughts on “Monopoly Tickets For You!

  1. The stores here don’t have the monopoly game, but it looks like fun. Good luck! Hopefully you’ll find the missing pieces and get an awesome prize.

  2. Hi..Debt Girl . We are playing Monopoly here in Gallipolis, Ohio…Would love to have some if you have extras…Chestene Bickle 277 Arbuckle Rd..Gallipolis, Ohio 45631…..I have been following your Journey for over a year now. We finished up a Chapter 13 in March 2014.. Here’s hoping all goes well for you…

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