Rain Drops & Palm Trees

Yes Rain! Much needed (loved) rain!


I stole that pic off the internet!

There is just something about that image that I love!


Thankfully its Friday!

Tomorrow I have a luncheon to go to! I missed it last year because of a golf tourney, I am beyond excited to be invited to it again!

Its been a crazy financial period! Kind of been a little more loosey than goosey and I feel the pinch!

Car repair, $400
Driving lessons $500
Air fair $500
Hotel at tourney 400

Omg! Plus all the stupid things I feel I should not have, gym $50 for both of us, and WW for me was $50 until May!

Oh theres more! Its getting really challenging! My kids dad promised 6k for a car and I would only have to get 2k from my brother but now her dad is backtracking!

I don’t even know what to expect there!

Its getting expensive round these parts, feeling a little intense!

But Really, I got this!

How you doing?

Have a great Friday!!



2 thoughts on “Rain Drops & Palm Trees

  1. How’s the kiddo driving going? Some days I wish my kiddo could drive with his crazy practice/game schedule. Then I pause for a moment and realize I am not ready for that for many reasons.

    Here you on the rain. We aren’t getting the rain we normally get instead we are getting the heat. Not ready to turn on the A/C!

    Have a great luncheon!

    • Thank you! It was awesome! Its so kind of my friend to invite me. Its an expensive event!! Eek!

      Her driving is going well, I have to say parking lots scare me the most!

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